Reverté Minerals America was founded in 1971 by the name of Regio Mármol SA de CV. In 2008 joined Reverté Group, one of the largest technical calcium carbonate producer. This acquisition of Regio Mármol is part of the expansion and internalization strategy of Reverté Group in the past decades.


Reverté Minerals Group mission is the exclusive production of Calcium Carbonate, whether they be natural or treated, in powder or slurry form, based on the most technologically advanced processes which transform the raw material into a high quality product, capable of adding value to our clients' final production processes.

All this by means of clean extraction and production systems, all in compliance with the strictest environmental protection regulations which pursues reducing the environmental impact to a maximum.

At Reverté Minerals Group we help our clients produce better and at a lower cost, while respecting the environment in our production activities.

Firma del presidente

José Reverté Vidal


Reverté Group